Top Newspapers in Assam | Top Assamese Newspapers

Top Newspapers in Assam

Assam a state in northeastern India is the largest & most populated northeastern state. Assamese is the official and most commonly spoken language of the state, followed by Bengali.

Assamese Newspaper has wider circulation & have multiple editions from all big cities. Bengali newspapers also have editions in Assam. English Newspapers are mostly read in Urban Centers & Cities. Let’s have a look at the Top Newspapers in Assam.

Top Assamese Newspapers in Madhya Pradesh

As per the readership survey, Asomiya Pratidin with an Average issue readership of 3.99 lakhs is the No.1 Assamese newspaper in Assam followed by Niyamiya Barta & Amar Asom.

  1. Asomiya Pratidin 3.99 lakhs
  2. Niyamiya Barta – 2.50 lakhs
  3. Amar Asom – 1.11 lakhs
  4. Dainik Assam – 92 thousnad
  5. Dainik Nababarta ( Bengali Language newspaper published in Assam)

Top English Newspapers in Assam

Assam Tribune is the most read English Newspaper in Assam. Other Newspapers having good circulation are Sentinel, Telegraph & Times of India.

  1. Assam Tribune
  2. Sentinel
  3. Telegraph
  4. Times of India