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Change of Name Ad in Newspaper | Name Change Ad

Change of Name Ad in Newspaper | How to place ad?

Change of Name Advertisement in National and Local Newspaper

You must be wondering who changes his name or place an advertisement in the Newspaper. Change of Name is not simply changing someone’s name. As these days we have several identification documents with us, & our name got registered in various government & banking sector, it’s very much possible that u have some spelling alteration or u have left your middle or last name. So this is a guide to help you place an advertisement in Newspaper for Change of Name Ads.

Change of Name Ad

Reasons for Change of Name Ads

a)     After Marriage: Generally after the marriage, a Girl surname gets changed. So you need to update your records about a new name. You need to update your Passport, Bank Accounts, Pan Card, Voter I card, Aadhar, etc.

b)      Second Marriage or DivorceSurname get changed after the divorce or second marriage, all records need to be updated.

c)      Spelling Mistake: The biggest reason for the change of name is a spelling mistake in the name, alteration is a spelling or some part of the name left in a few documents. So u have to announce it in a Newspaper to get it right in every document or record.

d)      Adoption: When a child is adopted, name change legal documents are necessary to support the admission in school & government records

e)      Astrology/Numerology: These days people add an extra alphabet or use some other alphabet to suit their name according to astrology or numerology.

f)     Inter religion marriagePeople also change their name or religion in inter-religious marriage. This also needs to be published in Newspapers

How to Place Change of Name Ad

So once decided that u needed to publish your ad in Newspaper, let’s look at the step to Place Change of Name advertisement

Step 1 : Affidavit

To place Change of  Name Newspaper ad, the affidavit is a must. Local Notary will help you to make affidavit & also notarised it. The affidavit must contain your

  • Residence address
  • Father/Spouse Name
  • Old & New Name
  • Reason for Changing your Name
  • Correct Spelling or Name/surname /middle name

Step 2 – Selecting a Newspaper

Publish the announcement for name change in two newspapers as one local and one national newspaper is preferred. Ideally, One Newspaper should be in English & others in your local language. If you have to submit Change of name ad in a government office or update in any department, U should verify ad matter with them once. 

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Step 3 - Newspaper Copies

You need to keep sufficient Newspaper copies to send it to the concerned department & also keep a few copies for future use. You don’t need a Full Newspaper for records, Only the sheet of Newsprint is required. Remember in your Ad sheet, Date of Publication & Publication City should not be torn apart.

Few Samples of Change of Name Ads

Sample of Change of Name Ads in Newspaper:

I, Jolly Malhora R/o I-41, Sector-29, Noida(U.P.) have changed my son’s name from Gaurav Shanker Malhotra to Gaurav Shankar Malhotra for all future purposes.

I, Manu Dutta W/o Atul Datta R/o A-458, Sector-18, Greater Noida West(U.P.) have changed my name to Manu Datta for all future purposes.


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